It is not easy to be a hybrid 

to have wings sprouting 

where the arms are 

when the waters turn skies 

to have legs turn into mermaid tails 

when land sights deep waters 

It is not easy to be a hybrid 

to sing songs from different shores 

the tongue forming easy notes 

the music mixed with this and that 

It is not easy to be a hybrid 

to see multiple hues 

mixing on skin, forming purple greys 

and green pinks when the order was 

for one, only one 

It is not easy to be this and that 

and more 

being always asked 

what are you, after all ? 

The waiting /grief 

Of all the gifts you have given me 

It is this silence 

I will remember you by 

Solid bark like, roots deep in 

unmoveable ocean rocks 

eroding gently or not at all 

Oizys, daughter of Nyx 

stands sentinel, howls nights 

Mona Dash is an award- winning author based in London. her work includes her memoir A Roll of the Dice, a short story collection Let Us Look Elsewhere , a novel Untamed Heart and two collections of poetry. She has been published in various journals and listed in leading competitions. Her work has been presented on BBC Radio 4, included in Best British Short Stories 22, and more than thirty five anthologies. She also works in a global tech company. www.monadash.net 

The sunrise 

Here am I, with open arms 

nourishing succour 

this is how life seeps 

how the water speaks 

how lush forests grow 

and there you are 

burrowed under the earth 

in an unending den 

proud of the shining eyes 

of the glass doll 

you mate with ceaselessly 

until it breaks 

while outside I weave 

colours wondrous 

If only you could see 

and seeing could understand 

what it means, my intensity 


You didn’t say a thing 

You didn’t do a thing. 

Those curious eyes watched. 

Not sure why, 

not sure what they thought. 

I drowned. I struggled. Thrashing as the water rose 

in waves and whirlpools 

I sank, you watched 

You who had said, water 

fall in, feel it, let go! 

I did, 

And you let me down. 

The moon, your friend, is glistening low 

It doesn’t let me see the shore 

But somewhere a lighthouse glows 

Surely it will carry me through to morning 

When at last the daylight shows.